Hare Kon 161 Summary

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Yuzu: “Rin fell asleep immediately. Thanks for waiting Ryu chan, let’s take a bath.”

Before Ryo goes to the bath, he leaves his phone charging.

Koharu is clearly curious who Ryu was talking to and is contemplating to investigate his phone to find out. As she is contemplating to commit that act or not, we go into her imaginary world.

There are bunch of different Koharu’s wearing school swimsuits. Each have a different trait that defines their character.

Hypocrisy Koharu tells them not to look into Ryu’s phone since that’s not the right thing to do.

Selfish Koharu answers that there’s nothing wrong about it and that the secret is hidden in the phone.

Spoiled Koharu says that she just wants to be assured that he isn’t doing anything bad.

Reckless Koharu questions why she didn’t do this earlier and she wants to expose Ryu and spit on him when he starts to cry.

Hypocrisy Koharu tries to stop her, but Reckless Koharu pushes her to the wall, saying that she was always irritated by her fake words.

Serious Koharu reminds them that accessing someone’s phone is against their privacy and that act is liable to be punished by law. But if they are willing to accept that risk, they it’s worth trying.

Superficial Koharu says that they have done this already with previous boyfriends, but serious Koharu replies that the weight of this action is different since it may mean having to divorce.

Reckless Koharu wants to risk it all and she pushes Hypocrisy Koharu to the ground as she wants to stop her. But then the Hypocrisy name plate is falling off and she undergoes a transformation.

Hypocrisy Koharu transforms into Compassion Koharu.

Compassion Koharu says that’s it enough and that they should let the phone go because nothing is in the phone anyway.

We go back to the real world, and while struggling, Koharu returns the phone to the table. And at that moment, Ryu is right behind her.


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