Hare Kon 160 Summary

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Koharu is at a meet up with her old classmates. She asks if they prefer a husband who cheats or is engaged in polygamy. One answers that she doesn’t like neither of the option. 

A guy named Awakawa appears and is supportive of polygamy and says he wants to do it, and the Koharu and her friends react negatively to that. He says that they should think realistically about it and that being engaged in polygamy means that raising a child is much easier because you can do everything together and not quit your job as a result.

Koharu is suddenly in a good mood and says that there are good sides in a polygamy as well. However, Awakawa says that loving one woman for your whole life is tiresome, and Koharu gets upset and says that someone addressing people like objects shouldn’t talk about marriage. She is completely drunk and throws food at him. 

As she is walking home, she says that Ryu is not wrong and that he is not like Awakawa and that he takes good care of his family. She is determined to go home quickly and apologize to him for yesterday. Ryu is outside and is calling someone saying “Yes…Thank you. See you at Kyoto then. Looking forward to it. Goodnight.” Koharu hides after seeing that. 

Inserted text: “Who is he talking to with that generous expression?!” 


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