Hare Kon 163 Summary

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Chapter starts with Koharu on the Shinkansen (Japanese train bullet) and she is texting Ryuu that she is on her way. He sends a sticker back with the phrase “Gotcha!”. Apparently it’s the first time Ryuu has ever sent a sticker to her, and she’s rather irritated since the sticker looks a bit like him. 

Koharu doesn’t understand why she has to directly deliver a mail, and not just send it to him. But Yuzu convinces her that it’s her job as a wife to take care of him. They imagine that his room is messy as he’s been all by himself for a week. Also, Yuzu explains that she just wants Ryuu and Koharu to get along again, and says that Koharu just should speak her mind directly to Ryuu as they are a family after all. 

[Flashback over]
Koharu isn’t sure what she should start saying first. She wants to talk about their child; she holds her stomach thinking that. She’s afraid of meeting Ryuu. But she remembers Yuzu’s words that it’s OK if they end up in a fight, but being conflicted all by herself isn’t going to solve anything.

Yuzu has arrived at the Hotel, and is in front of Ryuu’s room. She imagines two different scenarios. 1) Ryuu asks why she came to see him and that he’s sleepy and that she’s distracting him from his work. 2) Ryuu is having sex with another girl. She gets angry and says that she would have no other choice than killing him if that is the case. 

But then she comes back to her senses, saying that she has texted him that she would come, so that such thing wouldn’t happen. Ryuu opens the door, looking like a zombie. Ryuu tries to kiss her, but Koharu punches him. Ryuu explains that he’s at his limit, and that even he is surprised how his sexual desires won’t calm down even after turning 30. Koharu wonders if he has some kind of illness. 

Ryuu pushes her on the bed, and they start having sex. Koharu says that she can see that he hasn’t cheated, to which Ryuu replies that he should be praised for that, but Koharu answers that it’s nothing to be praised of and that it’s normal. 

It’s 3 in the morning but they still have sex. Koharu asks if he still wants to continue, and Ryuu answers that it’s for the 1 week he hasn’t done anything, and they continue. 


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