Hajime no Upp 1237 Summary

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Taihei: The fact that you walked back to me means that you changed your mind, right? It means you’re willing to teach me boxing, right?

Ippo stares at Taihei, and says, “Won’t work.”

Taihei gets upset and says, “Then why did you come back?” Ippp answers, “I came back to look at your eyes, I wanted to see them from close distance”

Ippo: “I can’t trust you. I can’t teach you boxing.” Ippo thinks that Taihei’s fists won’t result into boxing, but just remain with violence. Taihei says if that is the case, then he won’t engage in violence anymore, and announces that he won’t use his fists in fights again. Ippo adds one more condition, which is to apologize to Teru.

Taihei seems like he doesn’t like that condition, but Ippo leaves after stating that condition.

After finishing his road walk, Ippo does his fishing job, and while working, his head is still occupied with Taihei. He isn’t sure if he can trust Taihei’s words.

Ippo: “That seemed like a lie…” But then he realizes that he himself isn’t even on the stage to teach someone boxing.

Ippo: “The one learning and the one teaching are both not used to this, so it’s not even up to discussion…”

After finishing his work, Ippo returns home. Umezawa and Teru are there waiting for him. As Ippo walks towards Teru, Teru says that Taihei bowed down his head and said, “I’m sorry for everything I have done.”

Ippo can’t hide his surprise, and Teru also received a message from Taihei, “I will be waiting at the slope.”

Ippo: “I thought there was no way he would apologize…I thought he would give up after that condition…who knew he would take actions this quickly!”

Ippo finds Taihei at that tree, and says, “Were you planning to wait for me forever?”

Taihei: “I’m serious about this.“

Like Takamura, Ippo catches the leaves, and asks, “Can you do this?“


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