Hajime no Ippo 1280 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1280 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

The mitt bounces on the ground several time and hits the Takamura sculpture and the left arm falls off.

Ippo: “I will re-attach it asap!” But he then trips on something and checks his feet, they find the head of the sculpture that the mitt broke. Both of them panic. 

Sendo: “This isn’t my fault!”

Ippo: “It’s because you didn’t hold the mitt tightly.”

They’re noisy so Aoki, Kimura and Itagaki come to check on them.

Kimura: “You guys are lucky that Takamura san is traveling right now.”

Sendo: “For real. Sorry for causing trouble to you Aoki san.”

Aoki: “Don’t worry about it. I will be blamed anyway so I will get it fixed.”

As Sendo is about to leave, Kimura asks about the down he took from Ricardo. 

Sendo: “If we didn’t agree on that, then I wouldn’t have got the match against Gonzalez. Although, he beat me up badly and my head was shaking, I still recall it clearly…I didn’t touch him.”

But Sendo says that after he defeats Gonzalez, he should have gotten stronger as well.

As he is about to leave, Sendo says Ippo wearing a mitt doesn’t suit him and it’s a waste not to wear gloves.

Next day, Ippo is with Kumi.

Ippo talks about Sendo never changing and that he’s jealous about it. He was told the same thing in the reunion party but after retiring, he thinks he has changed a lot. Kumi asks who told him that and he tells it was Aikawa. 

Kumi: “A…Aikawa? I’ve heard the name for the first time…”

Ippo: “I was told that tonight would have been good, but I wonder what she meant with that.”

Taihei and Kaneda: (You’re an idiot! A very big idiot!!)

Kumi asks if they have met since then and Ippo says he got her contact number written on a note.

In that moment, Kumi’s face turns to something similar to Mashiba’s.

But after he was shadow boxing, the note changed to a leaf and he lost it.

Ippo says that he doesn’t mind if he has changed or not and that there is a lot to learn right now and he has fun being with Kumi and his students.

Kumi: “Peace is the best, right!”

Ippo: “…Yes.”

But he makes a rather sad expression.



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