Hajime no Ippo 1277 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1277 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

The Date gym will host a sparring tournament and Makunoichi and co. are heading to the gym. Ippo gives some advice to the boxers that are about to debut.

Once they get in, Ippo sees Date gym’s trainer Okita, Ookita gym’s trainer Kohashi, and Nishikawa gym’s trainer Oda. 

Ippo’s students get knocked down. The opponent has been boxing since he was in elementary school. The two look frustrated.

Fujii also appears and delivers the news to Ippo. He shows Ippo the picture where Ricardo Martinez got a down from Sendo. Ippo sees the picture and it makes sense to him.

He also hears that Sendo will box against Gonzalez and the winner will fight Ricardo. Ippo remembers the fights he had with Sendo. Fujii has come to Date gym to ask trainers about Sendo aiming for Ricardo.

Ippo is asked about the match and he says he’s excited for it and thinks it will be a great fight. The discussion turns about Ippo’s retirement and he turns quiet.

Ippo and Data are walking back together.

Ippo asks Date, “What is needed to make a comeback?”

Date: “Stop thinking about it, it’s more about here than there.” and points at Ippo’s heart.

Date: “To invest yourself to the ring, you need passion.” He adds about how that passion went cold for him once.



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