Hajime no Ippo 1276 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1276 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

Ippo’s on the ship and is looking far away and the people fishing are wondering what he’s looking at. Ippo: “My friend is at the other end of the sea.”

Later that day, Ippo and Umezawa get invited to a reunion party. Everyone’s interested in Ippo and are proud that they know a pro boxer and Japan champion. Ippo’s still speaking the same way eh does when he was a student and hasn’t changed at all. Everyone thought he would be more temperamental. 

They talk about his retirement and say that he still can continue. Umezawa intervenes, “He still can do it but won’t! He already won a belt so there’s no reason to continue!”

Ippo finds Aikawa and is happy that he sees someone he actually knows. She reveals that she has been to 3 of his matches. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The quiet Makunoichi kun…” Ippo remembers her as a kind person as she always tried to talk to him.

All 3 matches she has been to are ones that he lost.

Ippo and Aikawa are walking back together, “I’m glad that you still remember me.”

She says that he must be popular right now considering he’s a champion but Ippo denies it. “I always asked you out but you told me you are too busy with your work.”

“It took courage to ask you.”

“I was nervous as I wanted to say congratulations after your match but you lost so I wasn’t able to say anything.”

“Sorry, I’m drunk and got too talkative.”

She says that she wants to see a match that he wins, “If you find a reason, then there’s a chance you start again, right?” and she gets closer to him says and would like to meet again. She hands him her contact email address.

Ippo is walking back home, “It’s true that I haven’t found a reason to start again yet. How does it feel to be strong?” He remembers the past training.



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