Hajime no Ippo 1275 Spoiler

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Chapter 1275: “The reason of being undefeated.”

After Ricardo falls down to his knees, the press are taking photos of that scene. 

Alf: “A down? What’s happening here?”

He can’t believe what he’s seeing. Sendo finally realizes that Gonzalez is here.

Sendo: “Gonzalez, I’ve been looking for you.” Sendo and Ricardo’s match ends.

Sendo: “Get on the ring.” As Sendo invites Gonzalez to the ring, Ricardo stops them.

Ricardo: “3 months later in Mexico City, how about you guys do the semi final for my title defence? The winner will win the next title defence match against me.”

His trainer gets upset that Ricardo chooses that on his own.

Gonzalez agrees to that but Sendo dislikes it. But they agree to the match.

Sendo to Ricardo: “It’s true that you’re undefeated, but I will tell you the reason. It’s because you haven’t fought me yet.”

“Undefeated doesn’t mean invincible huh…that’s good to know.”

Ricardo gets in his car and seems to be in a good mood.

Gonzalez gets back to his car and tells his girlfriend that the match has been decided. She asks with whom, and he answers, Sendo.

Sendo is also back in the car and holds a towel against his eye, “It hurts.”

Ricardo talks about the common aspect between Gonzalez and Sendo: “Both of them have fought death battles like Ippo Makunoichi. Even after the world rank disappeared from his name, it still seems like the world is revolving around him. That’s what he makes me think, the demsey roll kid.”

He then imagines Ippo fighting.

Sendo vs Gonzalez! The winner will fight the champion, Ricardo!


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