UPDATED: Hajime no Ippo 1272 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1272 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

Lots of people have gathered to Sendo’s grandmother’s store and he called them to protect the store while he’s away. 

Hoshi: “It’s for security. While Sendo san is away, these guy will protect this place so rest assured. They may look like bad people but you can distinguish them with this.” They have all the same t-shirt on.

Grandmother wants them gone as they scare away her customers. Sendo is about to leave to Mexico.

Hoshi will accompany him but Sendo wants him gone. Hoshi: “I can speak English. How are you” (he literally says this).

Sendo; “….Damn it…you seem super reliable!”

(They speak Spanish and not English, I’m even more worried now.)

Send has departed to Mexico and Ippo hears that from Mari.

Mari: ‘Huh? You know about the situation?’

Ippo: ‘Only a little but I’ve heard about it’

Mari doesn’t know why Sendo has went to *Mexico and asks for the reason. Ippo answers that he thinks he went to see Alfredo Gonzalez.

Mari: ‘That’s what I assumed, I see. That’s like him.’

Sendo’s request to fight has been ignored and that’s why he went to Mexico.

Gonzalez wants a rematch with Ricardo but the request has been rejected. Saying that there isn’t a merit fighting the same opponent twice. Gonzalez is angered about it and thinks he was deceived. He won’t fight a Japanese ever again. 

He wasn’t able to give up and is obsessed to fight the man that beat Ippo.

Ippo: (But how does he plan to arrive to his opponent’s location in a foreign country?)


Sendo: “I’m here! Mexico! Viva Mehico!!”


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