Hajime no Ippo 1268 Spoiler

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Goat has fainted in agony and the referee ends the fight. Takamura defends his title in a 2 round KO. The hall echoes with Takamura chants.

Itagaki: “Have the audience noticed it?” 

Kimura: “The strong left hook swing was a trap. He made him imprint that it will come, it will come right here.”

Aoki: “Once the opponent tightened his guard, he used the same motion with a straight left and then a right body blow. What a fancy thing to do of him~”

Kimura: “If he didn’t have that destructive power, then the opponent wouldn’t have tightened his guard like that.”

Aoki: “I can’t help but feel sorry for him. It was a KO show that only Takamura san could have done.”

Itagaki: “… Isn’t there another person who could do it? The person with a destructive power and who also knows how to use his left body well, and who learned under the same master…”

Ippo analyzes the fight and says that when they were exchanging information, Takamura continued to send deceiving information, “No, did it just end up being a deceiving information? He may have changed it suddenly. Whatever the case, it’s the product of using his left. I may be starting to understand something…”

Takamura gets asked in the interview what he was thinking when it looked like Goat’s left was causing him problems. Takamura: “There was only one thing I thought about!” Crowd turns quiet. Takamura: “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry for being too strong!” He then announces that he’s done with the current weight class and will move on to the Super middleweight class.

[At the gym]

Taihei is relieved that he’s freed from that intense pressure.

Kamogawa to Ippo: “…and, were you able to learn something?”

Ippo: “I’ve been learning since the beginning and it likely won’t end in the future either. As long as I’m involved with boxing…”

[They go home]

Yagi talking to Kamogawa: “He looked like he was able to take something from it. It all depends on how he will engage with it…”

Kamogawa: “…”

[Ippo reflecting]

Ippo: “Watching Miyata kun and Mashiba san’s fight, I learned the importance of the left, but it still didn’t quite resonate with me. It’s because I wasn’t able to compare myself to two out boxers. But a fighter style like Takamura san and the way he used his left was…!!”


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