Hajime no Ippo 1267 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1267 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

Kamogawa: “Have you realized something kid…”


“What happened?”

Kamogawa: “Muh…”

Ippo: “What is this feeling!? ”

Ippo thinks that Takamura lifted up his guard with a clear purpose, “he was correcting himself!?” Takamura was like a bug collecting information. 

Kamogawa: “What have you realized? Think! You have to think kid!”

Takamura: “Stop using your time on him. He won’t return here anymore. Look what’s ahead of you. Look at me.”

Round 2:

Takamura doesn’t want Kamogawa to look at painful things like despair or regret. He just wants him to look at happier things and then he will be able to live longer as well.

Takamura again does the same thing as in round 1 and tightens his guard. Takamura answers Goat’s left with his right and does a cross counter.

Ippp: “Right! If he knows what will come, he can do that!”

Goat: “Did he predict it!? Then I will just bring this into an even higher technical fight!”

Goat tightens his guard and assumes that Takamura will come with a left hook, but instead it’s a straight left and hits Goat cleanly. Goat goes down with one knee.

But he stands up and the fight resumes. Takamura attacks him and Goat again assumes a left hook will come, but it doesn’t. Takamura hits Goat with a left body blow and Goat’s mouth piece goes flying and he goes down with both of his knees this time.

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