Hajime no Ippo 1266 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1266 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

Takamura says that he fought against opponents with fast hands before but the rhythm this time is different. The part from his elbow suddenly extends in rapid speed. His right is also coming from a weird direction. “Damn it!”

Kamogawa realizes that things are different than expected and  Takamura observes Goat to make correction. But as a result, his feet stop moving and then gets hit as a result. And he then gets even stiffer and can’t even hit back. 

Ippo: “Takamura san! You’re in a disadvantage if you are in his preferred distance! Get closer…”

Kamogawa: “Look at him kid!”

Ippo: “!?”

Kamogawa: “If he will overcome this situation, or not. For now, be quiet and watch him.”

Ippo: “Y…yes…”

Takamura also starts to make use of his left and a high level combat begins. But he’s still at a disadvantage and gets hi…but then next panel shows a battle between two ants. And right after that, Takamura unleashes his long hook and Goat guards it but…

Goat: “What is this!? If he hit me cleanly then everything from my neck would be gone!”

Takamura continues to make use of his left and hook but they all get defended or dodged and he gets hit by a counter instead.

Ippo can’t believe that Takamura is getting dominated and can’t believe that he’s seeing this. And then there is the weird panel of the ants again. 

Takamura guards one two but it doesn’t look like a normal guard. It seems like he’s measuring something. 

Ippo: “That was…?”

Round 1 ends. There’s the ant panel again. Meanwhile, Ippo has a serious face and is thinking about something.


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