Hajime no Ippo 1265 Spoiler

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Chapter 1265: Goat’s power.

The press conference has ended and the gang is leaving. Taihei and Kaneda are carrying the luggage with the WBA and WBC belt.

Ippo explains to them about the roles they will have during the match, which is a supporting role, and says that they’re super lucky that they can be close to the ring and adds, “He’s Japan’s Ace and a special boxer who captivates the whole world.”

[Next day]

Shinoda talks a bit about Goat explains that Goat isn’t left handed but he’s called the master of the left.

[The fight begins]

As mentioned by Shinoda, Goat’s left is as fast as advertised and Takamura gets hit in the face. 

Kamogawa: “Their plan is to control the fight before Takamura turns it on. It’s both brave and effective!”

Takamura attempts to close their distance and attacks from the side but Goat hits back with his right short upper and cleanly hits Takamura. 

Takamura struggles to get into rhythm and Goat hits him again with his left. And then Takamura forms an unexpected stance. 

Itagaki: “He raised his guard and solidified it…”

Aoki: “Does it mean he can’t afford doing otherwise”

Kaneda: “W…what’s doing on!?”

Ippo: “…”


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