Hajime no Ippo 1264 Spoiler

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Kamogawa: “It’s granted that you would lose…huh. I don’t think like that. It’s true that you used your left jab and lead blow less. But then what exactly is a jab? Why don’t we discuss this.”

Kamogawa punches the sand bag.

Ippo: “A great left!”

Kamogawa: “No need for that. Translate it for me.”

Ippo: “Translate it?”

Kamogawa: “The person who controls the left controls the world” (He literally says it in English)

Ippo: “….the person who controls the left controls the world” (Ippo says it in Japanese)

Kamogawa: “That’s right. While this is traditional, it’s also its essence. The word jab is one word but there are different types of jabs. One where you measure the distance, one where you stop the opponent, one where you create rhythm, one where you cause damage, one where you connect to the next, long distance, short distance…” And he then hits the sandbag again.

Kamogawa then goes on to explain that it can transform to many different weapons and depending on how you use this weapon, the fight will be decided. And that’s why it’s said that the left controls the world. Ippo agrees with this sentiment and reiterates that’s why he lost. But Kamogawa answers, “Is that right? Let me ask you. Could’ve you won your fights without the Dempsey? You have obtained it through practice. Don’t make that the reason why you lost. Think more like that you threw away the small katana to win.”

Ippo continues to insist that he forgot Kamogawa’s teaching. “If I didn’t forget your teaching, then I should’ve been able to meet your expectations! But because I realized, because I was able to realize now, I’m thinking what if! The present I could…!!”

Kamogawa tells Ippo that he can become a great teacher and leaves the room.

Chapter ends with Takamura’s Title Defense press conference. His opponent is WBA and WBC number one ranker Micheal Gord. 

Gord says that he’s only been in Japan for a short time but he already loves the country and everyone in this country. But then apologizes as he will become the first man to defeat Japan’s unbeatable hero. 

Takamura: “You won’t be the first man. You will be the last man. After this fight, I will move on to the super middle class. So in the middle class…you will be the last man to be defeated by me.”

Both glare each other with uncanny smiles. 

Meanwhile in the venue, the three have hair now.

Kaneda: “M…master! This is quite nerve-racking!”

Taihei: “So this is a world title fight.”

Ippo: “…….”

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