[Japan Reacts] Hajime no Ippo 1264

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  • He will probably make a comeback and the venue will be packed. Although, realistically, Imai should attract more attention.
  • in response to the comment above: Even when he was Kimura’s second, the audience did a Makunoichi call. A champion with just strength wouldn’t receive such love, but popular fighters will remain popular even after retirement.
  • Imai will likely get beat up when Ippo makes his comeback. Feel sorry for him.
  • Ippo’s reaction is creepy, but I like what Kamogawa told him. Gord probably has well researched Takamura’s weakness. If the fight is as condensed as the one from Mashiba, then I will be looking forward to that.
  • If significant time has passed since the Mashiba fight, then isn’t it possible that it’s year 2000 already? It was already fall then.
  • Ippo’s reaction is too creepy. Seems like he’s completely done. Will they force him to the ring with all kinds justification?
  • So it was Kamogawa’s policy not to make him use jabs and then lose because of that.
  • If he uses more jabs and then loses, he will probably say, I forgot to make it a close combat match. In other words, he’s just clinging to his past.
  • I wanted to see Sendou’s fight before Takamura’s.

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