Hajime no Ippo 1263 Spoiler

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Kamogawa: “This sound is…Kid!! Why’s a retired boxer practicing?”

Ippo: “Ah! Just reviewing.”

Kamogawa: “Reviewing?”

Ippo: “Someone like me thought that I could do something after dodging…I got ahead of myself thinking that I still have the Dempsey Roll when I dig into the opponent. That’s why more opponents were able to match me at the start of the fight. At the beginning, I was taught by you that I need to hit them before I get hit. But I completely forgot about that. Why did I forget that?! Why wasn’t I able to do it anymore?! It’s the basics of the basic. Why…I was conceited. I was a fool. At some point, I was ignoring your teaching…Of course I would lose.”

Editor’s note: “The teaching he supposedly valued more than anything. Although he’s realized it and regrets it, there are no ways to recover from it.” 

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