Hajime no Ippo 1252 Summary

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Scene switches to the Korakuen hall. 

Ippo; “Kumi san was irritated? No way. She’s always a very kind. Ahh…I see now. It’s because we’re getting close.”

Taihei and Kaneda; “Close? What’s close?”

Ippo: “This fight tonight.”

Ippo points at the fighting poster. The fight  Mashiba against Iga Shinobu.

Mashiba appears and says the same thing as Miyata, “Am I at the temple?”

Ippo: “No you aren’t. Is it true that you asked for the fight? He’s strong.”

Mashiba: “…”

Mashiba enters the hall without saying anything, but Ippo feels that Mashiba said, “It’s because he’s strong.”

Ippo brought Taihei and Kaneda to make them watch a live boxing fight. But…

Taihei: “I came here before. At that time, big bro was a laughing stock…It’s not really a pleasant memory.”

Ippo: “Was the hall electrified?”

Taihei: “Well yeah…”

Ippo: “Then your brother is a pro. He was able to bring joy to the ones that paid money. They will come again. Not many people can do that.”

Kaneda: “Whatever the reason, if he was able to shake up the hall, then isn’t Masaru san amazing?”

Taihei: “……” (smiles)

Ippo tells Taihei to closely watch Iga and says that Iga is the boxer that Aoki aims to become. Ippo assumes that Aoki is here tonight too. Taihei thinks that Aoki must be praying for his idol to win the fight.

Meanwhile Aoki, “Please lose! Please lose Iga Shinobu!”

Kimura: “What’s that supposed to mean?“

Aoki: “I mean if he wins against Mashiba then he will become a world ranker! I can’t reach him then. Please stay in Japan.“

Kimura: “(how pathetic!) Don’t worry…Mashiba will execute him. Do you know why Mashiba asked to fight Iga?”


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