Hajime no Ippo 1250 Summary

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Miyata looks at Ippo’s head and asks if he’s at the temple. Itagaki is shocked how Miyata can say that without laughing out loud. Miyata asks why Ippo is doing a training specifically for boxing. Ippo’s 2 students are ready to argue against Miyata but Itagaki stops them and lets the two of Miyata and Ippo speak alone. Ippo asks whether Miyata’s condition is falling off because of his weight management. He adds if Miyata’s staying at the current weight class because of him then he should forget him. Miyata says that he’s conscious about it and that it feels like his wings are getting ripped off and he’s crawling on the ground. Ippo advises Miyata to increase his weight class but Miyata answers that it depends on Ippo’s answer. He asks if anyone officially acknowledged Ippo as a punch drunker despite managing a training most boxers can’t manage. Ippo bites his lips and can’t answer. Miyata realizes that Ippo stepped off the ring on his own accord.

Miyata: “I received a great answer. I can’t make any promises. From now on, I will decide it on my own. This is my way.”

As Miyata walks away, Ippo looks at the line Takamura drew and thinks that Miyata has crossed over the line and Ippo still can’t move past it. 


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