Hajime no Ippo 1248 Spoiler

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Aoki: “You bastard I heard you caused lots trouble to Ippo! How do you plan to atone for that?!”

Taihei: “I’m remorseful about that! And it’s kinda your fault too big bro!? Because you left our house, there was no one to take care of the food so we had lots of trouble. The other big bros had to work a lot because of that!”

Aoki: “What can I do about that! Everyone became bigger and that house is way too small!”

Taihei explains that he got dragged into fights because guys that fought against Aoki wanted to fight against Taihei. Kimura says that Aoki was actually the one who paid almost all of the tuition for his brothers. 

Kimura: “Hey Taihei… do you still think that your big bro just wanted to live freely?”

Taihei: “I’m sorry…I didn’t know that you were the one letting me to go to school. I got expelled…”

Aoki: “Don’t worry about it. I got expelled from school too.”

Takamura: “I understand the circumstance. So…who is whose brother?”

Aoki: “….!! Stop it!!!!! I don’t have any brothers!”

Takamura: “So, you were the dumb big brother!!!!”

And after that, Aoki receives his 7 years killing punishment. 

Takamura: “Hey, you. Why are you acting so gingerly?”

Ippo: “It’s the first time we meet right?”

Kaneda: “I…it’s actually not the first time we meet. I was there at that place…”

Ippo: “That place…Ah! You’re the guy with the blonde hair!”

Taihei: “He was always confrontational with me and on that day, it was the day to resolve it.”

Ippo: “Why are you with him then?”

Kanede: “I fell in love with that slap that made Taihei turn 360 degrees! I seriously respect you Makunoichi san!”

Taihei: “In reality, he got expelled too, so he has lots of free time.”

Yagi: “It has become quite noisy.”

Kamogawa: “That kid is now a teacher huh. Quite the promotion. But looking at boxing from a different angle is a good learning experience for him. It will only facilitate his growth.”

Yagi: “Growth…you say. That expectation you have on him is him as a second or as a trainer or….”

Kamogawa: “…..As a person.”

Next day, Ippo is with Kumi but Taihei and Kaneda is with Ippo as well. Ippo wants them to go away as he doesn’t want to ruin his time with Kumi. 

Taihei: “She is master’s girlfriend right? She is super cute.”

Kaneda: “Didn’t expect any less of him. I seriously respect him.”

Kumi: “Can you show me that one more time?”

Ippo: “Please don’t laugh at me okay?” Ippo takes off his hat. 

Kumi finds Ippo’s bald head cute and she wants to touch his head and even kisses his head.


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