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Chapter title is “Light”.

The chapter starts with Takamura practicing the 7 years killing and he succeeds. He’s rejoicing and instructs the others to find the bigger brother. Aoki happily follows Takamura’s orders and at that moment someone comes to the gym. Ippo is asking where Kamogawa is, saying that he came here to apologize. 

Takamura: “Wait wait wait wait!”

Aoki: “What the hell is that?!”

Itagaki: “What happened to you?!”

Ippo: “I’m sorry to have caused trouble to you all. I will do the formalities later…”

Ippo is now talking to Kamogawa and returns the mitts and apologizes to him and asks Kamogawa to expel him saying that he didn’t have the character to be an instructor. 

Kamogawa: “You fool. You thought that this is enough to take responsibility? Shaving off all your hair won’t solve the story. And expelling you is way too soft as well. I will take you responsibility right in front of my eyes.”

Ippo: “If I can atone my sins, then I will do anything.”

Kamogawa tells him there are 2 punishments he will assign Ippo. First, he has to clean up the gym for the next 3 months and the second is…

Yagi: “He should be coming here soon…Ah…here he is! Ippo kun!”

Ippo: “??”

As Ippo looks out of the window, he sees a bald Taihei wearing a suit along with another bald guy. 

Taihei: “Master~! We’re both seriously regretting what we have done! We want to change! If you forgive us, then we would like to join the Kamogawa gym, and receive your training from the beginning master…”

Yagi explains that he received a call from them and tells Ippo to listen to them. Ippo tells Taihei to go home saying that he lied to him and practiced violence. And Ippo himself relied on his anger and practiced violence. “The both of us have no right to box anymore!”

Taihei: “You relied on your anger…? That’s not right. You weren’t angry. You scolded me!? There has never been a person that seriously scolded me like that!”

Kamogawa says that the second punishment will be to train the two and Ippo answers “Yes…I will give my best…!”

Kimura and Aoki recognize Taihei. 

Aoki: “Why did you come here?”

Ippo: “You three are acquaintances?”

Kimura: “They aren’t just acquaintances…he’s Aoki’s younger brother”

Ippo: “Whaaaaaaaaat?!”

Taihei: “My name is Taihei Aoki and I would like to join the gym!”

Other guy: “Likewise! And my name is Kintarou Kaneda! Please take good care of us!”


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