Hajime no Ippo 1246 Spoiler

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Ippo and Itagaki are having a conversation at the usual tree. A week has passed but Taihei hasn’t filed a complaint yet and Itagaki says that the matter should be solved now. But Ippo says that he has no excuses and he needs to be punished. Itagaki tells Ippo that it’s not just about Taihei, but Ippo generally needs to observe people close to him more carefully. 

Itagaki: “I’m talking about myself! You may have realized already, but I’m in a slump right now.”

Ippo answers that he’s jealous and being in a slump is an indicator of having talent. Ippo has too many things he cannot do so he never experienced a slump. Now Itagaki says that he’s jealous of Ippo because of that. Ippo looks at the line Takamura drew, and says that the limit he felt maybe about that. 

Ippo: “Ah by the way. That discussion we had before. Even if it hasn’t been established, it’s a fact that it happened.”

And at that night, Ippo’s mom asks “Are you sure about it? I will really do it!” Right after that, it seems like Ippo’s mom is cutting Ippo’s hair. 

[Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura at the gym]

Takamura picks up tiles and starts to practice the ‘7 year killer’ (the linked image should give you a good idea what it is). 


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