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Aoki and the other are now talking about Taihei’s upbringing. They discuss why Taihei, who was already strong, wanted to learn boxing and become even stronger. The reason was because of his older bother, who Taihei respected. When Taihei was still in elementary school, his older brother had a big stage coming up, and Taihei came to see his brother on his big day, but his older brother was getting laughed at by everyone, which crushed Taihei’s image of his older brother. (It may not literally be a stage, as one site said it was a sporting competition. The point is that it was a big event for Taihei’s brother.) Since then, Taihei has changed. Kimura and the others talk that even if Ippo’s action will be deemed as a crime, Ippo’s fist carried justice, so even if he will be punished, their relation won’t change one bit. 

[Direct speech from the characters]

Takamura: “So that small brat managed to beat the other delinquents all by himself? So he was already strong.”

Taihei: “It’s rumoured that he’s strong. It’s just a rumour, but he used to have an older brother he respected.”

Kimura: “Used to? You’re talking about the past.”

Teru: “When he was still in elementary school, he went to see his older brother he respected on his big stage, but unexpectedly, his brother was being laughed at by everyone. Taihei was disappointed and disillusioned of his brother. Since then, he has been fighting.”

Takamura: “So…his brother is the cause!!!”

Aoki: “There sure are dumb brothers in this world.”

Meanwhile, Ippo is at the nearest police station. The officer asks what Taihei’s last name is, but Ippo doesn’t know it. Ippo panics, but the officer says that they haven’t received a complaint, so they can’t proceed this matter. For now, they record Ippo’s contact information, and once Ippo gets out of the station, Itagaki is there to pick him up. After Itagaki heard from Umezawa that Ippo looked like a monster, he was concerned, but Ippo is his usual self, so Itagaki is relieved. 

Teru gets out of school and finds Taihei at the entrance gate. Taihei isn’t wearing his uniform, and he explains that he got expelled from school after they found out about the fight. Taihei says that he will tell his peers that he won’t allow them to bully Teru. Teru tells him that Ippo turned himself in, but as there weren’t any complaints, the police couldn’t proceed the matter. Teru delivers Ippo’s message to Taihei, “File your complaint to the police.“

Taihei: “Complaint…? What happened? I can’t recall anything. The only thing I can remember is the face of the demon…what happened?” Taihei seems to be traumatized. 

Teru: “Who knows…”

As Teru is going home, he laughs about Taihei, thinking how traumatized he must be right now. 

Teru: “Ahahahahaha”

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