Hajime no Ippo 1244 Spoiler

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Aoki calls up Takamura, Kimura, and Itagaki to discuss about it. But Ippo already left the place to turn himself in. 

Itagaki: “I knew it would happen! That’s why I warned him!”

Takamura: “Can’t tolerate violence.” He criticizes Ippo, acting all novel. But Itagaki answers, “But Takamura san you always hit us!” Takamura: “I’m special! I will be forgiven no matter what I do!”

Teru: “It’s my fault. If I only were able to brush off the bullying that time…”

Kimura: “It’s not your fault. Bullying will never go away. Considering there are 30, 40 people in your class level, it’s impossible to get along with everyone.”

Umezawa: “But even then…bullying can’t be tolerated!”

Takamura: “You’re one to talk.” Umezawa regrets how he once bullied Ippo.

Umezawa: “I’ve never seen Ippo with a face like that.”

Takamura: “How did his face look?”

Umezawa: “He looked angry, or crying, he didn’t look like a human.”

After hearing that Takamura doesn’t say anything and thinks about something. 

Itagaki: (Didn’t look like a human? …non human?)

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