Hajime no Ippo 1242 Spoiler

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The reason why Teru rushed to Ippo is because Taihei was called up by a delinquent from another school. Ippo: “Why?!”

Apparently Taihei has been talking that once the summer break ends that he wants to make clear which group is stronger. At Teru school, when their students cause trouble one more time then they would get expelled. And that’s why Taihei went to fight by himself. Teru: “Please help us…”

Ippo: “Of course I will! Even if it requires me to bow down, I will help him out! Where is he?!”

Teru: “You got it wrong! The one I need you to help is…Umezawa san! He told me not to tell you, but I couldn’t!”

Umezawa didn’t want Ippo to find about this because when a former boxer like Ippo gets involved in a fight, then the newspapers would pick this story up. As Umezawa is indebted to Ippo, he decided to solve this matter. Ippo and Teru head towards where Umezawa is. Teru says that if Umezawa gets hurt, then he won’t forgive Taihei. Ippo insists that Umezawa and Taihei got only dragged into this and is desperate to help them out. 

Teru: “Taihei went there on his own will! He went there to fight! The one who got dragged into this is Umezawa san!”

Ippo: “He promised me not to fight anymore!” Teru: “I can’t trust him!” Ippo: “We practiced together!”

They arrive at the fighting place, and Ippo tells Teru to wait here. Ippo: (He must be enduring himself. They may be beating him up. Please, be safe you two!)

Once Ippo arrives to the fighting place, Taihei is beating up the other delinquents with a big smile on his face. Umezawa is standing their being speechless. Ippo is lost in words. 

Umezawa: “Don’t look…”

Taihei: “Yo~! If it isn’t my master! I’m grateful to you. Because of you, I only have guy left now.”

Umezawa: “Don’t listen to him!”

Taihei: “I was surprised. My punches don’t miss, and I can avoid all their punches. Thanks to you…I’ve become strong!”

Umezawa tells Ippo to go away and that he will take care of this but Ippo says, “Taihei kun…let’s go home…let’s go home already…”

Taihei: “Yeah! Once I’ve taken care of him!”

Ippo: “I brought the mitts! The gloves as well! Let’s practice! You will become a pro boxer, right?!”

Taihei: “My bad master. I don’t need you anymore!”

Ippo: “You’re lying!!!”

Taihei: “I’m occupied right now. Move away.” As he says that, he throws away the mitts and it gets dirty.

Ippo: “The mitts! The president’s mitts! Ah!! Ahhhhhh!”

Taihei starts to fight with the last remaining guy and Umezawa says “Stop getting involved with this guy. Let him do whatever he wants!”


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