Hajime no Ippo 1241 Spoiler

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After obtaining Kamogawa’s old mitt, Ippo intergorates it to Taihei’s training. Instead of using bandages, Taihei uses work gloves and then puts the gloves on top of that. Taihei is excited after waring gloves, saying that it finally feels like boxing. As Taihei hits punches against the mitt, he looks happy and is making good sounds during the process. Taihei is unleashing powerful punches, but is form is off and Ippo tries to correct it, but Taihei argues that changing his form makes it uncomfortable to hit punches. Ippo intentionally misaligns the mitt and Taihei’s body loses balance. Ippo uses that opening to hit Taihei on a counter, and teaches the importance of a good body form. As they continue, Ippo realizes through his teaching how amazing Kamogawa really is. They take a break and Ippo talks about Kamogawa. How amazing he is and how much time he invested in Ippo’s training. Ippo asks Taihei if there are people like that around him. Taihei comes from a big family, and his parents are usually busy with work. But his oldest brother would often play with him. Apparently, his oldest brother also liked to fight and was athletic, but now he left the house and lives by himself. Ippo asks if Taihei respects his brother, and he blushes and denies it, but it’s pretty clear he does.

They resume their training, and Taihei listening to Ippo’s teaching, improves steadily. Taihei asks if he is really getting stronger and praises that he’s getting better. Taihei isn’t content with that answer and asks if he’s stronger than before and not whether he’s better or not. Ippo senses madness in Taihei’s eyes, and stops the training. As they are going home Ippo tells Taihei not to use boxing for violence, but Taihei answers, “I won’t cause any trouble to you”. They go different ways and Itagaki appears in front of Ippo. Itagaki has already heard most of the story from Umezawa, and advices to cut ties with Taihei. He says Ippo should cut ties before Taihei causes trouble. Itagaki cannot see how Taihei has changed to the better. Ippo defends Taihei, but Itagaki doesn’t change his mind either.

Next morning, Ippo’s mother says that a typhoon is nearing and that it will rain at night. After hearing that, Ippo is worried about the training today. Ippo is heading to the usual place to see Taihei. It starts to rain and Ippo thinks that they cannot train and that Taihei likely won’t appear either. A shadow resembling Taihei nears Ippo, and Ippo is impressed that Taihei would show up despite the rain. But that shadow wasn’t Taihei, it was Teru. He says something terrible happened to Taihei and the chapter ends.  

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