Hajime no Ippo 1240 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1240 Spoiler was translated by BakaData.com

Ippo and Kamogawa are training, and the sound that they make lures Itagaki who is outside and others who are curious who is causing that boxing sound. Kimura and Aoki come as well, and Itagaki predicts that it must be Takamura. Itagaki is curious who it is, and looks at the inside through the window and sees Ippo. Itagaki wants to get in the gym and greet Ippo, but Kimura stops him. Kimura says he doesn’t know the reason why Ippo is here, but the time should be only between them, and suggest to everyone that they should watch them from the outside of the gym. 

Ippo and Kamogawa increase the tempo of their training, and Ippo unleashes his full potential. But their rhythm is not matching up anymore. Kamogawa realizes it is because Ippo is stronger than before. Their training finishes. Seeing Ippo like that, Aoki says that Ippo will make a comeback, but Kimura tells Aoki to not tell that to Ippo. 

Ippo now talks to Kamogawa about Taihei. Ippo explains that he at least wants to teach Taihei the basics of boxing. Kamogawa gifts Ippo the old mitt he used to use. Yagi tells Ippo that if Taihei wants to join a gym then it must be the gym here. Ippo answers “I will definitely come back here!”.

Ippo leaves the gym, and Kamogawa looks at Ippo’s back. Kamogawa has a tough to explain expression that looks like a parent saying bye to a child who goes to war. 

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