Hajime no Ippo 1239 Spoiler

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Ippo closes his eyes temporarily, and once he opens his eyes up, he sees Taihei holding 5 leafs. He stares at Ippo. Taihei wants to hear from Ippo that he passed the test, but Ippo says, “This is still not enough.” Taihei is instructed to come here again tomorrow. 

Ippo is at home now and he’s calling Teru. With ‘this is still not enough’, he was referring to Teru. Ippo asks Teru if he’s fine with him teaching Taihei how to box. There’s a chance that Taihei will use boxing for violence, and then Teru may be in danger if that happens. Teru says he has no problem with it. Like he had the chance to meet Umezawa, he also wants Taihei to value his meeting with Ippo.

Next day, Taihei officially becomes Ippo’s student. No matter at day or at night, or even if it’s raining, Taihei runs with Ippo. Taihei desperately tries to keep up with Ippo, but it’s clear that he’s at his limit and there’s no energy in him. Ippo sees Taihei’s condition, but he continues to run. So far the only training they do is running. Taihei is getting concerned if this will make him stronger. He complains that only running hinders his overall motivation. He asks to have more variety in the training, but Ippo says as long as Taihei refuses to join the gym, the only training they can do is running. Taihei explains that he isn’t sure whether all this suffering is really helping him to become stronger or not. Ippo says this isn’t suffering, but that it’s handwork. Ippo finally praises Taihei, saying that he expected Taihei to falter after 2-3 days, and in fact most beginners give up after all the running, but the fact Taihei is still here is something he should be proud of himself.

Ippo is heading to the gym, and plans to talk to Yagi about Taihei, but he finds Kamogawa there. Ippo’s so happy seeing Kamogawa and jumps on him out of happiness. Apparently, Kamogawa has already been discharged from the hospital and has come several times to the gym, but Ippo hasn’t been to the gym as often as before, so that’s why they hadn’t seen each other yet. 

Takamura’s training is about to get serious, and Kamogawa intends to help him out. But before being able to do that, Kamogawa wanted to warm up and asked Yagi to help him out, but as Ippo came, he’s asked to help out instead. Ippo wears gloves and enters the ring.


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