Hajime No Ippo 1238 Spoiler

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Ippo instructs Taihei to master grabbing 5 leafs within 5 days. At the beginning, he complains about the task, but he quickly starts to practice. Ippo goes back home, and explains to Umezawa and Teru about the the task he assigned to Taihei. Umezawa says that grabbing 5 leafs shouldn’t be too difficult, but Ippo shakes his head and says that’s wrong. Last time he tested the same thing with Itagaki, he only managed to grab 4 or 5 leafs at best. Ippo says that it’s ‘impossible’ for Taihei to clear this task. But Ippo also says if Taihei manages to overcome this challenge, then his desire of wanting to become a boxer is real. 

Taihei is still practising, and he finally managed to grab 3 leafs, but he struggles to improve from there. Oppressing his desire to quit, he continues to work hard. At home, Ippo is comparing himself to Taihei. But he thinks that they are nothing alike. The strength of his will at that time wanting to become a boxer, and the Taihei’s will of wanting to become a boxer are nothing alike, and that’s why Taihei can’t complete the task. 

3 days have passed, and Ippo goes to that place and he sees Taihei. He asks Ippo to check the results. At this point, Taihei still hasn’t managed to grab 5 leafs yet. 


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