Hajime no Ippo 1236 Spoiler

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Ippo and Wanpo are going for their roadwork at 5 in the morning. The weather is extremely good, so Ippo is excited that it’s a great day for fishing. While saying that he hopes the customers today will have a successful fishing, he’s shadow boxing. And Taihei appears in front of him. Taihei tries to appeal to Ippo by shadow boxing as well.

Taihei: “Was that shadow boxing you just did? I wasn’t able to see your fist. Being the Japan champion is amazing.”

Taihei explains that he found out that Ippo was the former Japan champion. Taihei has been looking for Ippo by asking people that he’s looking for a man that is always with a huge white old dog. And he found out that Ippo is doing his roadwork around here early in the morning.

Taihei: “I didn’t know when you would come, so I have been waiting here…It’s the first time waking up this early.

Ippo thinks that Taihei came here to get his revenge from last time, so he ignores him and tells him to go away. Taihei asks him to wait and says, “Make me your student! Teach me to box!”

After Ippo hears that, he runs at full speed and Taihei chases him.

Taihei: “Please wait for me master! Master…hey listen to what I have to say!” Taihei can’t keep up with Ippo’s stamina and he falls down. After seeing that, Ippo asks, “Why do you want to box?” Taihei says that he liked boxing since he was a kid, and then Ippo tells him to just go to the gym then. But Taihei wants to first become better before going to Kamogawa gym. So he wants to first train under Ippo and then immediately become a pro boxer.

Ippo: You collapsed by just running a bit, and yet you want to become a pro boxer without proper training? I think that’s arrogance.

Taihei suddenly realizes that Ippo knew his name although he didn’t introduce himself. Taihei realizes that Teru must have told it to Ippo and he gets angry. Ippo is about to say something and the chapter ends.


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