Hajime no Ippo 1235 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1235 Spoiler was translated by BakaData

The female co-worker panics after hearing that Miyata wishes to quit his work. The co-worker begs Miyata to continue to work, but Miyata indirectly disses her, “In this convenience store, events happen that are impossible to understand for me.” Miyata likes to work at this store because it’s close from his home, the wage is good, and they also give him a break during boxing weeks. But getting hit on annoys him so much that it disgusts.

As Miyata is about to leave the store, Aoki and Tomiko carrying items appear in front of him. They place the items on the desk, and Aoki asks Miyata to do his job as the cashier. Reluctantly, Miyata does his job, Aoki asks, “”By the way, you seemed to struggle quite a lot in your last game. Was it because of the weight change? Miyata ignores Aoki, so he asks, “Is there possibly a huge empty void in you because of someone’s retirement?” Miyata continues to ignore. Aoki: “I know how you feel. The feelings of a man to pursue a clear objective…but in your case, that objective isn’t in the ring anymore!” Miyata: “Dear customer…” It at first seems like Miyata is about to answer, but instead he comments on the huge amount of condoms Aoki purchases. Miyata: “Even if  it’s you, this is way too much.” Aoki tells Miyata to mind his own business, and leaves the store rushingly.

Now Kimura enters the store.

Miyata: “Considering you came here during your road walk, you have travelled to a distant location.” Like Aoki, Kimura came here to help Miyata overcome his troubling feelings. Kimura tells Miyata to quit working in a convenience store, and instead focus on getting the world title to have a comfortable life. Miyata: “Is that your image of a world champion? That’s cheap.” Kimura gets angry and asks what his hourly wage is, and it’s apparently 2500yen (about 22 US$)per hour. The female co-worker is the store’s manager, so she gave Miyata a ridiculous wage. Kimura: “There are things that only talented people can do. Don’t waste it…Don’t betray the people that have high hopes in you.”

As Kimura leaves, Takamura is the next one coming in. Takamura: “I saw the poster at the front door. It’s my cat, who got lost a week ago…” Miyata: “Stop lying!” Takamura says the proof is that he knows that the cat takes a shit everywhere it can. Miyata says that ‘Sarate’ doesn’t do that. Miyata and Takamura get into an argument. Takamura: “Get rid off your doubts! Stop wandering at the same place forever! Take action before you become a piece of trash!”

The cat, Sarate comes to pick up Miyata. Miyata: “You must be hungry. I have bought lots of stuff for you. (This is a bad night…Guess I won’t be able to sleep tonight)” 

It seems like Miyata is impacted by Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura’s words. Ippo wakes up in the morning. Ippo: “A great morning! I slept well! Let’s go Wanpo!”

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