Hajime No Ippo 1234 Summary

Hajime No Ippo 1234 Summary was translated by BakaData

Chapter 1234 starts with Ippo fishing. Apparently he’s doing it so he can gift a package of fish to a customer. Kumi appears to the scene. They enjoy fishing together. As she has been fishing with Ippo several times now, she has gotten a lot better. After seeing how much she has improved, Ippo says “Meanwhile, I don’t make any improvements” (as a second). Ippo has been observing veteran seconds and he praises how flawless they are.

Kumi: “But your boxers have won 3 of their matches with you being their second. It’s a 100% win rate.” She continues that Ippo is giving his best and has been practicing his chair technique, so everything will be fine. Ippo looks happy hearing that from Kumi.

Kumi is concerned that Ippo has been watching boxing fights lately, and is worried that he will make a comeback as a boxer. Ippo says that there he’s no way for him to make a comeback. And this time, it’s Kumi who looks happy after hearing those words.

Ippo: Yesterday was Miyata sun’s fight.

Kumi’s face gets pale after hearing Miyata’s name.

Kumi: “I don’t know how many times I have heard this name from Makunoichi san…When I think about it, I knew this name before meeting you. My brother was mumbling that name…Miyata miyata miyata miyata miyata miyata miyata miyata….”

And because of that, every time Kumi hears the name Miyata, the first thing that comes up to her mind is that it’s a curse.

Ippo tries to talk about Miyata’s fight, and at that moment, Kumi once again becomes worried that Miyata’s fight inspired Ippo to make a comeback. Kumi has teary eyes, and hopes that her assumptions are wrong. Ippo explains that he merely watched the fight as a fan. He used to watch Miyata’s fight to think how he would combat Miyata. but now, he’s purely watching Miyata as a fan.

[Scene changes to Miyata]
Miyata is working at a convenience store at night. At the convenience store’s front door, there’s a poster “We found a lost cat”. Miyata is known for not being polite enough to the customers.

A female co-worker: “You’re known for being impolite to customers, yet you show your kindness by bringing a lost cat. This is what hits me hard.”

The rather ugly looking female co-worker is hitting on Miyata but he ignores her. Miyata is so annoyed by her that he plans to quit his job. The co-worer hugs Miyata and tries to stop him, and Miyata shows off his jab and intimidates her. As Miyata leaves the store, a couple riding a bike appears in front of him, and they stop at the convenience store’s parking lot. It’s Aoki and Tomiko.



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