Hajime no Ippo 1233 Spoiler

Hajime no Ippo 1233 Spoiler was translated by BakaData

While Miyata got hit by a heavy body blow, he doesn’t fall down and hits back instead.

Miyata: You can’t take me down like that. You can’t pierce through my stomach like that.

Miyata can’t fulfill his dream to fight Ippo anymore, but his body trained to resist Ippo’s strength is still there. While Miyata hits back, the damage he received is apparent. The challenger targets Miyata and face, but at that moment, Miyata’s counter strikes. However, the opponent doesn’t fall down.

Miyata: So a punch out of battery won’t knock you down.

Ignoring all the damages he has suffered, Miyata attacks the challenger, and they exchange punches.

Miyata: What’s ahead of this? How long do I continue to wander?

The bell signals the end of the fight. The match will be decided through judging. And the winner is Miyata.

Ippo looks relieved as Miyata is announced as the winner. Meanwhile, Imai looks unsatisfied.

Imai: Fighting against that Miyata is pointless.

Ippo: You wanted to fight Miyata kun?

Imai apparently was after Miyata’s title, and that’s why he came to watch the fight.

Ippo: I came here to scout as well.

After hearing those words, Imai misunderstands Ippo’s words and thinks Ippo will make a comeback. Ippo explains he came here to scout for Kamogawa Gym. Imai gets frustrated and says that because of Ippo there are numerous boxers that lost track of their goal including Miyata.

Imai: You should feel some sort of responsibility for that.

Imai leaves.

Ippo: What should I do?

After saying that, he looked down and sees Miyata.

Miyata: Where should I go?


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