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Fuutaro sends the sisters a message to come to the classroom at 3pm.

Nino is a member of the school’s idol group and the guys are cheering for her.

Miku’s pancakes went well and they got sold out before 3pm. 

Although it’s the school festival, Itsuki is studying, but she can’t focus as there are advertisements of food.

Ichika just came to the school festival.

Fuutaro calls all the 5 sisters together and says, “I like all five of you.” He continues that his wish is to continue the relationship they have right now, but he also thinks that he has to give an answer.

The 5 sisters are looking forward to the answer, but he isn’t that insensitive to say it during the festival and his mind isn’t fully clear yet, so he asks them to give him time wants them to wait until the last day of the school festival.

Last page: “I would later find out that the first day of the school festival wouldn’t end peacefully.”

Chapter 100 will have a colour spread and is 20 pages long.

Summary Later

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