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A huge debate is going on between the girls who are supporting Miku’s pancake idea and the boys who want to do Takoyaki instead.

Girls: “When are we going to decide the menu, let’s do pancakes!”

Boys: “We can’t decide the menu because you girls are being stubborn! Let’s do takoyaki too!”

“You boys need to give it up!”

“You girls aren’t Japanese if you don’t like Takoyaki! Right, Nino chan!”

Nino gets upset and tells the girls that eating and making are two different things. She says that making pancakes are difficult and that even her fails sometimes. “We’ve to do both!”

But they can’t decide again today.

Fuutaro looks troubled because the class is divided. Itsuki calls him and wants to show him something but she can’t and just says that they should give their best for the culture festival.

[Nino and Miku]

Miku explains why she came up with the idea of pancakes. After Futuaro told her that his mother often made pancakes for him, she remembered about the pancake she ate in the past.


On their way home, they see Itsuki. She asks Nino what result she got and Nino answers she did better than thought and got a B. Hearing that, Itsuki looks frustrated. She throws her bag and shows that she got a D. “I gave all my best and…yet I got this result! The future looks grim! My dream of becoming a teacher was a dream of my dream!”

After calming down, Nino asks if she talked to Fuutaro about it.

Itsuki: “He looked busy…also I felt too sorry…my teacher also told me that I should talk to my parents as well…but how can I.”

Nino: “So you’re saying we don’t have a parent who would help us out.”

Itsuki: “N,no! That’s not what I meant…I just don’t want to make dad even more worried than now.”

Nino: “What? Worried? When did he ever…”

Itsuki: “We’ve come this far because of dad. I think so too. He has never done directly something for us, but I’m sure he has always been worried about us.”

Nino looks surprised to hear that.


Yotsuba tells Nino that she wants to prepare the invitation letter she talked about last time. But Nino answers that there’s no need for that.

Nino: “I must have been insane for even thinking to invite dad.”

Yotsuba: “I think it’s a good idea.”

Nino: “He won’t come anyway. He’s rarely at home anyway. He’s always plotting something.”

They’re looking for Fuutaro and they see the girls that were glaring at Nino before and she tries to avoid them. But she then hears Fuutaro’s voice.

Fuutaro: “I can understand your opinion well. That’s why…you think that a girl in the boy’s group is weird. She does that because she’s after one guy and is there to win some points…”

Fuutaro tells them that they’re deluding themselves into believing that. He says due to his position he’s neutral and didn’t vote on it.

The girls: “What are you talking about! How’s that relevant here?”

Fuutaro: “Nino likes…me. So get along with her.”

Nino looks happy to hear those words from Fuutaro.

Nino didn’t want to write an invitation to her father but after Yotsuba tells her that there are people that do things that they don’t see, she has a flashback of memories with her father.

Nino: “Yotsuba, let’s think together what we will write in our invitation letter.”

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