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As the sisters go to school, Ichika sees them off. Ichika: “OK, I need to get ready as well.” Before she returns to her room, she looks at the PO box, “It’s that time already.”

It’s a poster advertising their school festival.

[At school]

Yotsuba: “It’s after school, but everyone looks like they’re having fun.”

Miku: “But it was right after we transferred last year, so I’m just happy that we can participate in this preparation.”

Nino says that she could’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for the college entrance exam. But she smiles at the possibility of going to the same university as Fuutaro.

Itsuki gets called to the teacher’s lounge and she also finds Itsuki there. She was there to ask questions about something she didn’t understand in class. Yotsuba was called to the teacher’s lounge to receive instructions about the school festival as she’s the class leader. 

Yotsuba chooses to ask what Fuutaro thinks about the school festival and she will discuss with her classmates what they want to do at the school festival. 

She finds Fuutaro in the classroom alone, but she isn’t sure if she should go in or not. 

Fuutaro: “What are you doing?’ 

Fuutaro tells her to say what the matter is and that he can’t waste any time right now. She says she has got no business with him and excuses herself.

Fuutaro: “Huh…???” 

She runs away from the classroom and she realizes she can’t speak normally to him like before. Fuutaro has followed her and tells her that they have to decide what to do in the school festival. “Didn’t the teacher tell you anything?” It’s the last event of their school life and he wants to enjoy it. Yotsuba is surprised to hear and has twinkling eyes. 

[Next day]

They’re deciding what they should do this year and are discussing about it. Fuutaro asks what Miku wants to do.

Miku: “Ah…pancake…”  Everyone agrees with her and says that’s good and cute. 

Nino, Miku and Yotsuba are all looking forward to it. Fuutaro points out to Yotsuba that she’s working too hard but she answers that it’s the last event of their school life and doesn’t want to leave any regrets.

[With Ichika]

Fuutaro updates Ichika about the school festival preparation. She’s worried about his college entrance exam preparation but he got the results of his recent exam and he got an A. He tells her not to worry and that both studying and the school festival will go well. 


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