Go-Toubun no Hanayome 95 Summary

Go-Toubun no Hanayome chapter 95 Summary was translated by Bakadata.com

Ichika appears in an advertisement, “I will make it an unforgettable summer.”

Miku to Fuutaro: “Why did you also try to stop Ichika?”

Ichika apologizes to Yotsuba for once taking away Fuutaro away from her and tells her, “You need to find what you really want to do.”

Some time has passed that even the sunburn is slightly gone. Fuutaro and Miku go together to Ichika’s production company. 

Fuutaro tries to convince Ichika to re-think dropping out to school. He says he has decided to create his own movie and says he also has the money for it. He wants Ichika to play the role of the student and the tutor role will be done by Fuutaro. 

Miku explains Fuutaro’s feelings to Ichika and says that her work once helped Fuutaro to get re-hired and that’s why Fuutaro wants  to return the favour now. 

Fuutaro: “The reason to go to school to study is to enjoy our youth, right? I want to do everything I can do with you everyone, including you Ichika.”

But Fuutaro doesn’t have enough money to hire her so he asks her to lend him money. Ichika laughs about it and tells him to pay her back in the future.

Ichika will just take a break from the school and as she leaves, Nino is crying and tells her to take care of herself. 

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