Go-Toubun no Hanayome 94 Summary

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“From the second semester she will drop out of school. Ichika’s resolve is strong.”

Ichika tells them she will drop out of school to focus on her job and her sisters try to stop them, mainly Nino.

Nino: “Blah blah I can’t hear you I can’t hear you.”

Itsuki: “She says she will stay with us at our home. Ichika has found something that is more important than her job so let’s be happy for her.”

Nino: “You’re acting like a good student.”

Fuutaro suddenly visits the quintuplets’ home and Yotsuba meets him just wearing a bathrobe and as she can’t come with him like this, she tells him that she will entrust Ichika to him.

Meanwhile, Ichika and Miku are talking to each other at school. Miku asks if it’s hard for her to be with her but Ichika denies that it’s not the case. She just can’t forgive herself to be with Fuutaro anymore. Fuutaro comes and suggests to help her by doing a one on one tutoring, but she refuses the suggestion.

After getting rejected by Ichika, Fuutaro is in trouble as he can’t earn the tutoring salary and Miku tells him she knows a job she can introduce to him.

Yotsuba and Ichika are playing on the swing and then ask if she remembers about Fuutaro and starts to talk about what happened 6 years ago. 

“What will Ichika tell Yotsuba?”

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