Go-Toubun no Hanayome 91 Spoiler

Go-Toubun no Hanayome chapter 91 Spoiler was translated by Bakadata.com

The quintuplets want to go the beach but their apartment contract expires and they’ve to move out. As Ichika is making a phone call, Itsuki overhears that Ichika is planning to leave. 

Raiha discovers a “Romance Guide Book for Highschoolers” and Fuutarou says that he got it from his friend but it’s clear that it’s an excuse. 

Raiha asks Fuutarou to go to the beach with her next Sunday, but he declines as he has to work at the cake store, but the owner got into an accident and he gets the day off.

Raiha talked to Itsuki and knew that the 5 sisters would come to the beach today and that’s why she brought her brother. They unexpectedly meet Takeda and Maeda. Apparently the whole class is here and Fuutarou should’ve gotten a message as well but he hasn’t checked his phone for a while. Raiha is confused why the 5 sisters aren’t here today. 

Fuutarou meanwhile is playing games with his classmates. It’s already night and the 5 sisters still haven’t come. 

Raiha calls Itsuki and finds out that they weren’t able to come as they had to get ready to move out. Raiha passes the phone to Fuutarou and he says he has a suggestion to the 5 sisters.

Fuutarou: “Ehm…if you don’t want…then feel free to decline but…do you want to go to the night pool with me?”

Itsuki: “Y…you are the one inviting us?!”

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