Go-Toubun no Hanayome 87 Spoiler

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The quintuplets get invited to play soccer and their perfect team play helps their team to a win. The coach exclusively praises Yotsuba and tells the sisters to learn from her. 

Yotsuba has lost her wallet so the sisters look for it together. 

The quintuplets send flowers to Rena. 

The sisters: “Congratulations mother! We’re glad that you’re feeling better!” Rena speaks exactly like Itsuki does. Maruo is a fan of Rena. 

One of the sisters: “He’s here again.”

Rena: “Ah, he’s a doctor. Apparently, he’s my fan.”

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One of the sisters: “Are the other kids from a different school? It’s quite crowded. We may get lost. Let’s hold hands so we won’t. Here, Yotsuba. Huh? Yotsuba…?”

Yotsuba: “This is awful…I need to find them asap. Or else, I will be the only one left behind. Us 5 need to be together…But is that right…? It’s for the better that I return to them right…? No no! I can’t think like this…Only if I had the courage like that boy to go on a journey!”

She then sees Fuutarou getting questioned by the police. She steps in and says that he’s innocent. Fuutarou: “Who are you?”

Editor’s note: “What did this meeting bring to them? The story that has changed them.”

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