Go-Toubun no Hanayome 85 Summary

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Chapter starts from 2 hours ago. Miku bumps into someone, and that person turns out out to be Ichika who says, “Miku…don’t run away…Miku…I don’t think I will be forgiven by doing this but…”

Both Ichika and Nino try to assist Miku. They’re surprised to sees each other and Nino is still suspicious that Ichika is trying to get into Miku’s ways. But Ichika answers that she knows she isn’t going to be trusted and that what she has done cannot be forgiven, but she wants to atone for her sin. “This will likely be our last trip.” It wasn’t just Ichika and Nino, but also Yotsuba and Itsuki are here. 

As Fuutarou is about change his clothes, Nino says that he will look good wearing the new clothe since he’s good looking. Yotsuba points out that Nino initially said that he wasn’t his type. “What? I can’t remember something that long ago. But I do remember that Ichika was interested in Fuu-kun from the first day.”

As Nino sees how much Fuutarou and Miku are enjoying their time, she hugs Fuutarou from the back, saying “It’s not like I’m giving him to you…” and then Fuutarou falls into the pond. 

Yotsuba apologizes to Ichika, saying that she wanted everyone to be happy but needed to support the one who usually holds herself back and if she thought more about the situation, then she should have knows that something like this may happen. She apologizes for not realizing about Ichika’s feelings. 

Ichika: “I’m sorry Miku. For always getting into your ways. Fuutarou kun. I’m sorry for always lying to you. But, about that…” Flashback to when the quintuplets were still children. It turns out that Ichika did indeed meet Fuutarou when they were children. “Although it was just for a little time…but because of that time…I fell in love with you. Fuutarou kun, you probably won’t believe me anymore. But that was…that memory wasn’t a lie.”

Nino tells Ichika that when she saw the two together then she couldn’t help herself and the moment she realized, she was already hugging Fuutarou. She apologizes to Ichika for being so critical to her but doing the same thing at the end and now she understands how Ichika felt. “If our situation and timing were different, then our situations would have been reversed.” Nino adds that Miku till the end said that Ichika isn’t wrong.

Nino: “Don’t say that this is the last time. Let’s apologize to Miku. I’m sure we will become closer than before. I mean it’s rare of us that we can talk about a common thing that we all like.”


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