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“Miku” tells Fuutarou that he must have come here before and he answers that he came here when he was still in elementary school. He says that he can still recall about that day when that girl named Rena took him to different places and once he realized, it was already dark. And then his teacher from school came to pick him up. 

Fuutarou: “It should be enough. I thought that you had some intentions behind that question and that’s why I talked about it. But it’s getting tiresome. I won’t accompany you any further…Miku…no Ichika.”

He wants to confirms that the Miku he has met at the school’s hall was her as well. “Why did you like to me like that?”

Ichika then says that the girl from 5 years ago was her, and pleads Fuutarou to trust her. But Fuutarou says that he can’t trust her at the moment. It’s raining heavily so every group has to return to their room and wait for now. 

The quintuplets are in their room and are taking the shower one by one. Nino then says, “Ichika. Don’t you have to say something to Miku?” Nino apologizes to Ichika. Fuutarou knocks on the door and says he will come in. He’s checking whether group 5 is here and tells them that in 30 minutes they everyone will meet at the second floor. Fuutarou awkwardly looks at Miku and she’s blushing and runs away to the washroom. “Are you all still fighting? Speak to me about it.” But Ichika, Nino, and Itsuki say that this is quite common and not a big deal. As Fuutarou leaves, Ichika apologizes for having started the excuse that fights like these are common. Nino: “Don’t worry. I want to avoid Fuu-kun getting worried about us.”

Ichika suggests that on the last day, there are A, B, C, D, and E courses that each group can decide to take for their curriculum. And each quintuplet will choose one option and the one who gets in the same course as Fuutarou will get the chance to spend time with him. Nino initially refuses the proposal, but is convinced by the others that it’s the best option. Ichika chose course E, and there’s a flashback where she overhears that Fuutarou will go for course E. As the final day comes, they are in their respective course, and Ichika is in group E and says that her stomach hurts. Chapter ends with Miku and Fuutarou being in the same course.


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