Go-Toubun no Hanayome 82 Summary

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Yotsuba: “Wow we can even see the station from here.”

Itsuki: “Ugh…what if we fall off from here…I thought the fence would be a bit higher than this.”

Yotsuba: “Ahaha it just means that we grew up.”

As Yotsuba teases Itsuki, Fuutarou comes and tells them that they’re noisy. He says that it feels higher than when we came here before. They’re surprised to see him and say they thought he would be with his friends. He answers that he wanted to talk to Miku and thought she would be with them. Ichika and Nino are with their friends and Miku is still not feeling well and stayed at the hotel.

Itsuki asks to take a photo together with Fuutarou and as she holds his arm, she thinks that she’s being too daring. “But! If I do this much then Uesugi kun should remember things from 5 years ago!” He does indeed think about the photo he took here before and remembers more details, and Itsuki asks if he remembers anything. 

Scene switches to Miku and Nino. Nino disguised as Miku and tells the teacher that she still feels sick. As Miku asks why she’s doing that, Nino answers that it would be too suspicious if two sisters are sick at the same time.  Miku says that she doesn’t need to be comforted, but Nino answers she isn’t doing that. “My love rival is backing off on her own. It’s nothing but lucky to me. The only thing left to me is to defeat Ichika. That fox…I wonder what I should do to her. So, I will get Fuu kun, got it?”

As Nino continues to provoke Miku, Miku says that she hasn’t given up yet. But Nino tells her that the fact she has the golden opportunity to get close to him and yet doesn’t use it means that her turn is over. Miku screams that she doesn’t wan to give up, but she’s afraid. She thinks that there’s no way that Fuutarou would love her and she didn’t know how scary it would be to fight fairly. She doesn’t think she can win against someone like Ichika and neither against Nino. Nino can’t blame Ichika considering how she herself always tried to avoid taking action by making excuses like scoring the highest result in the test or making delicious bread.

Nino: “I thought that you were my rival. You’re saying that you and me wouldn’t be a fight? What? You called me a love rival right? You easily acknowledged that I’m cute. What’re you talking about! Thinks calmly. We’re quintuplets. Isn’t it obvious that you’re cute as well! Bye!”

Miku: “Nino…I’m sorry…”

Yotsuba and Itsuki are wondering where Fuutarou is. Yotsuba: “Itsuki…are you hiding something from me?”

Miku is pulling Fuutarou to somewhere and tells him to follow her.

Miku: (I will use anything I can use. This is the only thing I can do. In order to win this fight!)


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