Go-Toubun no Hanayome 80 Summary

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Chapter starts with the quintuplets playing card games, but Miku is asleep. She woke up very early in the morning and used the kitchen at her workplace to make something for Fuutarou. Ichika sees that and says that the next one winning the game will have the right to order whatever she wishes. 

The quintuplets decide to follow after Fuutarou and his group. They are exhausted from all the walking but Yotsuba is still energetic. Nino says that she’s carefree and Ichika adds that’s the good part about her. Nino agrees and that she’s different to a certain someone who’s plotting something again. Ichika laughs and says she isn’t planning to do anything. 

Yotsuba says that they should split in two teams, Yotsuba and Miku is one team and the other team with Ichika, Nino, and Itsuki. Nino and Ichika want to oppose that idea, but as Yotsuba had won the card game, she can make an order she wants. Nino and Itsuki go to the washroom, and once they come back, Ichika left the place. Nino: “Damn it…”

Ichika runs towards Fuutarou’s place. She checked the route and knows that it’s the fastest way. Yotsuba alone would be faster than her but as Miku is with her, she should have the upper hand. “In order to stop Miku, I’ve to continue to act up with my lie.” She disguises as Miku and arrives at the top, but no one is there. But then that moment, she is seen by Yotsuba and Miku. Miku: “Ichika…why are you disguised as me?”

Yotsuba: “Ichika. I…didn’t tell you that because of something like this. Is this what you really want to do? Ichika wants to get in your way. Get in Miku’s way of confessing to Uesugi san.”

At that moment, Fuutarou arrives at the scene, “Huh? What…did you just say…?”

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