Go-Toubun no Hanayome 78 Summary

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Chapter starts with Yotsuba asking Miku that they’re at a bakery and not at a store producing stones.

During their class, they will decide the groups of 5 during their school field trip. Miku wants to be in the same group as Fuutarou and Yotsuba says that she will take care of it. As she tries to approach Fuutarou, Ichika calls her.

Ichika: “Everyone at class were thinking about the group of 5, but this perfect for us, right. But I wonder what Fuutarou kun will do. He’s a third year student yet doesn’t seem to have friends. I’m worried…It can’t be helped. We need to do it. I and you and Fuutarou kun will be in a group, okay?”

They’re all together now and Miku asks if Fuutarou has decided his group. Ichika gets in between, saying that Yotsuba wanted to say something. She says that they should all be in the same group, including Fuutarou. They answer that the limit is a group of 5 and Yotsuba says that she will join another group then. As this is a problem, Nino says that her and Fuutarou will create a team of two. “Going around with the person I love. You don’t have the right to reject this idea.” Nino wants to say something too, but she can’t. But then Fuutarou reveals that he already is in a group with other guys in his class.

The quintuplets are in the same group. Miku: “So it’s the same as usual…” Ichika: “Haha…glad to see that Fuutarou kun has friends…” Yotsuba: (This is awkward!)

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