Go-Toubun no Hanayome 77 Summary

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Chapter starts with Takeda praising Fuutarou for his success in the mock exam, but then Fuutarou asks why he is on the swings with him.

Takeda: “Did you forget about it? We were called up. Look, he has arrived.”

The father first congratulates Takeda and offers him a sport in his hospital in the future, but Takeda politely declines for now saying that he still needs time to figure out his future. And he also asks Fuutarou to again become the tutor for his daughters. Fuutarou accepts it. But is told by the father that he expects him to interact with them as a tutor and draw a line. 

Fuutarou meets goes to the quintuples and sees Itsuki first and she wonders why he is so avoidant, and once he goes into the room, they talk about the birthday presents they gave to him. But after realizing that they probably can’t study today, Fuutarou leaves. 

Itsuki: “I can smell that you’re hiding something.”

Itsuki says that he must have been told something by their father and offers to tell him one secret if he tells her his secret.

Fuutarou talks about the secret and says that his time of popularity has come, talking about Ichika and Nino. Itsuiki is surprised that it isn’t Miku. As Itsuki is about to reveal her secret that she has another face, Yotsuba comes out of the room.

Itsuki gets back into the room and is asked by Ichika if she knows about this box. It’s Itsuki’s box and then she drops that photograph. 

Itsuki: “I couldn’t say it after all…Not about Kyoto and about everything else…how could I explain this…”


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