Go-Toubun no Hanayome 76 Summary

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Raiha tries to drag Fuutarou to the school, but he insists on studying for 5 more minutes. 

Takeda: “Uesugi kun! I will praise you for coming here and not running away for now! But you will end up regretting it! Wishing that you had run away that time!”

Nino: “You’re so noisy already in the morning…”

Yotsuba: “Uesugi san won’t lose!”

They finish the first exam and Ichika realizes that Fuutarou looks ill, but he says that she doesn’t need to worry. 

Takeda gets called up by his father and is told that he only received 190/200 for his first exam and got 3 questions wrong. 

Father: “Yusuke…don’t make me too worried.”

Fuutarou meets Takeda at the washroom.

Takeda: “Hey there. It took you pretty long.”

Fuutarou: “For some reason I knew you would be here.”

Fuutarou tells him to study instead of wasting his time, but Takeda answers that he has no need to study as long as he has this. He says that he has the answer sheet for the mock exam. Takeda adds that with this, he will definitely win against Fuutarou. But he then rips it apart and flushes in the toilet, saying that he hasn’t opened it up. 

Takeda says that he has a dream of becoming an astronaut. 

Takeda: “Because I have a dream, I will defeat you with my own powers! There’s no meaning in cheating and getting the results!”

The quintuplets’ father receives the results of the exam and is told that his daughters significantly improved compared to last year and that hiring a tutor was the right decision and praises their efforts as well. Takeda got the 8th place nationally and Fuutarou got the 3rd place. The father realizes that Fuutarou’s results are weird as he got the full mark for the first 4 exams, but in his last exam, he left the last question unanswered. Apparently, Fuutarou fell asleep for the last question as he pressed himself too hard by studying too much. “But if he had answered all questions then…”

Takeda: “Fuutarou Uesugi…he gets always in my way. Every time I interact with him, my plans go wrong. You’re seriously trouble to me…but your resolve…is splendid.”


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