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In their line group, Ichika is says that they have been thinking about Fuutarou’s birthday present, but as he’s busy with his studying, it may end up troubling him, so she says that they should forget about it for now. 

Ichika, Yotsuba, and Miku are studying together with Fuutarou at the library and they take a break. Yotsuba wants to clarify a concept and asks Fuutarou, but he says he has to go out catch a fresh air. 

Fuutarou: “If I teach them a bit more then their score should return to the usual.” He wants to focus on his own studying but that may not work out for him. 

Fuutarou: “No I will balance it out! Once they go home, then I can study on my own. They aren’t a burden to me!”

Miku comes to him and wants to talk about the day after tomorrow, but Fuutarou wants to address what happened yesterday. But then, Ichika gets in the way and asks, “What are you two talking about? Hm?” Fuutarou awkwardly walks away. 

Miku is concurred about Fuutarou, but Ichika says that he will be fine and tells her to forget about his birthday for now to lessen his burden. Ichika clearly feels a sense of guilt. 

Ichika: “I can’t regret what I have done. I’ve decided that I will fight like this. After telling that to everyone, now is my chance. I will be the only one to give him a birthday present. I’ve got no time to wander around.” Nino is late and she’s holding something. Ichika asks what that is and Nino answers that it’s aroma candles that are good for recovering. She says that it was supposed to be a secret till his birthday.

Ichika: “Did you read my message yesterday?”

Nino: “Ahh that one. But I can’t change how I feel. Wait a second…Does this mean that I will be the only one…? Fufu. This will be super effective then.”

Ichika: “I forgot about it…! Nino’s breaks are broken already!”

Nino: “And?”

Ichika: “Huh? About what?”

Nino: “You also prepared a birthday present right?”

Nino says that she asked Ichika to stop their father from coming to that place that time but he still came. “Do you have any excuses?”

Ichika: “We’re…quintuples yet our preferences are all over the place.”

Nino: “Right. That’s why cooking food is always troublesome.”

They both announce that they like Fuutarou and neither will back off. 

Yotsuba is concerned about Fuutarou too so she made an Origami Tsuru for him but then she is seen by her sisters. Yotsuba starts too cry, saying that she’s the worst for trying to break a promise. It turns out Miku also wanted to give a pair ticket for a sports gym. After seeing that, they all decide to really stop it. But they all feel like they want to give him something, and Yotsuba comes up with an idea. 

After everyone goes home, Fuutarou is studying by himself, but then Itsuki appears and gives him an energy drink. He sleeps in the library and once he wakes up, he sees 5 origami tsuru created by the quintuples’s respective test sheet. He realizes that he isn’t the only one working hard and reenergizes. 

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