Go-Toubun no Hanayome 74 Summary

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Fuutarou: “It’s you Ichika. Strangely, I always meet you first when I head to school. Aren’t your sisters with you?”

Ichika: “What Ah~ I’m here to buy this you know. Meeting you also is just a coincidence. Just a coincidence! Ahahaha!”

Ichika wants to give him the coffee she bought for him but he says that he can’t drink coffee so Ichika drinks it. 

Ichika: “Ahhh I screwed up. My plan to give him a present failed. But I can’t do things like Nino and confront him directly…No way! But…I will never share this position to anyone!”

Ichika is wearing glasses because there was a lot of television coverage about the movie she participates. 

Fuutarou: “Kukuku…you disguised yourself so nobody won’t approach you. You’re like big shot actress.”

Ichika: “Stop embarrassing me like that!”

They see the rest of the sisters and as he talks about Itsuki, Yotsuba, Nino, and Miku, Ichika wants him to stop.

Ichika: (Stop it already…don’t talk about the others. Only me…Just look at only me…)

She holds his hand and wants to skip classes, but Fuutarou says they can’t do that. Once they get in their class, everyone in class jumps at Ichika saying how they saw her in the news in the morning.

Ichika disguises herself as Miku so she can get away from the attention and Fuutarou doesn’t know it’s her.

Ichika: “Fuutarou Ku…Fuutarou.”

Fuutarou: “What is it?”

Ichika: “Fuutarou. I will let you know.” Ichika loves you. And I think the two of you fit well. So I will cheer on you two.

Fuutarou: “You’re…lying right…?”

Ichika: “No it’s not a lie.”

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