Go-Toubun no Hanayome 116 Summary

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 116 Summary was translated by Bakadata.com

Due to being too windy, the train has stopped, so Miku and Yotsuba go to a Karaoke place to stay there till tomorrow morning. Yotsuba asks what Miku wants to drink, and she answers, “The same drink as you.“

Yotsuba says that it’s the first time that they go to a Karaoke place together.

Miku: “I was joking. It was a joke when I said that I will be Yotsuba from now on. Even if I pretend to be you, I can’t become you. This drink is too sweet for me.” She takes the ribbon off, and then claps and says, “As we’re here now, let’s sing!”

Although Miku doesn’t have a song she sings well, she chooses to sing “Love vacation”, which is a song that Nino always listens to. “I can sing this well, Nino can be quite helpful too.” But then it turns out that Yotsuba chose the same song as well.

Miku: “What the hell…it now seems like I’m trying to take things away from her.”

Miku gets a score of 87 points.

After spending a night together, their conflicts gets solved.

Yotsuba sang all night and her voice is dry, “I…want to see everyone.”

Miku looks at Yotusba from the side and smiles. She remembers the past with Fuutaro, and then takes the ribbon from her pocket and throws it away to the ocean.

The ribbon flies up hight and Miku says, “Let’s go Yotsuba”.

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