Go-Toubun no Hanayome 115 Spoiler

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 115 Spoiler was translated by Bakadata.com

The next day after the culture festival, Fuutaro gets called up by Ichika, and they go play badminton together. After they finish playing, she asks how it went with Yotsuba yesterday, he answers that he was told that Yotsuba loves him too, but “she still has something left to do.”

Yotsuba: “I’ve always loved you, but I’m sorry, I still have something left that I need to do first.”

After hearing that, Ichika thinks, “So Fuutaro kun doesn’t belong to anyone just yet…?” and her feelings get high, but she hits him in the back and cheers him up.

Ichika: “Doesn’t this mean that you still haven’t really told her to love her?” Fuutaro: “No this can’t…no that may be true.”

Ichika: “If you’re still shy about it, then you can practice with me.” and teases him.

Ichika: “But Yotsuba told you that she loves you right, then it means that your feelings are mutual. If you don’t be clear about it, she will hate you.”

Fuutaro: “You’re right. Thank you Ichika.”

Nino’s flashback words: “Even if you were the one chosen, I wanted to celebrate it…!”

Ichika: “Now I understand what you talked about Nino, this is the right way, right Nino?”

Meanwhile Nino and Yotsuba.

Nino slams the wall: “Don’t fool around. Yotsuba, say it one more time.”

Yotsuba: “About yesterday…and for everything till now, I needed to apologize to you.”

Nino: “Do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“I will cut ties with you as sisters.”

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